Specialized Solutions

  • Logistics for Manufacturing
  • Logistics for Finished Goods
  • Logistics for Automotive
  • Logistics for Fashion
  • Logistics for Aviation
  • Logistics for Pharma and Cold Chain Solutions

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Time Critical Services

We understand & value the dimension of time in your day to day critical business. Hence, We cater to your critical time bound transits across International Destinations in our Time Critical Services for your business 24X7. We provide, Reliable, Secure, Specialized and Time Bound Services for your Business.

Our dedicated team reach out to you with

  • Dedicated Phone lines open 24X7
  • Timely responses to all enquiries / Updates

We Cater Time Critical Services to the following Industries :

  • 1. Automotives
  • 2. Aviations
  • 3. Pharma
  • 4. Hospitality

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E-waste management & Reverse Logistics Solutions


Perfecting solutions to the most complex and unique requirement is what defines us and differentiates us from others. Our strong environmental policy helps us direct our efforts towards constructing a safer environment. We have executed strategies to curb environmental pollution and incorporate sustainable solutions in our business. One such strategy contributing to a better tomorrow is our solution on EWASTE Management and the reverse logistics solutions to carry the EWASTE in the most environmentally friendly manner. We are pioneers in providing this as a solution and have been endorsed by our association with the leading IT/ITES companies in the world.

Re-useable Packaging Solutions

One of the newest additions to our solutions offerings to optimize the cost for our discerning customers is the introduction of Re-Useable packaging solutions. Reusable packaging offers a wide range of economic, social and environmental benefits over single-use packaging at all levels of the supply chain. Through reuse, it offers a rapid return on investment and a lower cost-per-trip than single-use packaging products while typically offering more efficient storage, handling and distribution of products at all points in the supply chain. As the number of trips increases, the cost-per-trip can decrease, while the packaging continues to deliver benefits (product protection, worker safety, storage efficiency.


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